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Are intuitive readers real?

Are intuitive readers real?

What are intuitive readers?

Intuitive readers are individuals with heightened sensitivity. They offer insights into the unseen realms of energy to provide guidance to others. Their sensitivity can come in the form of sensing subtle emotions, smells, logic and thoughts. 

Individuals who perform any kind of spiritual readings generally have interests and natural abilities towards spirituality. 

Intuitive readers have at times experienced mystical encounters which have shattered their original perception of the world. Working with one who has a genuine ability and interest in the advancement of others is an experience like no other.

Which intuitive readers can I trust?

Trusting someone to collect accurate and highly personal information back to you can produce more questions than answers. How did they know something about you that is private? Do they have client testimonials? Questions like these offer a quest to decipher the authenticity of intuitive readers and the genuine existence of extra sensory perception.  

Who makes a good intuitive reader?

Intuition and Empathy

At the heart of a genuine intuitive reader lies an innate ability to tap into intuition and empathy. True intuitives access a heightened sense of awareness that enables them to perceive beyond the tangible, accessing a deeper understanding of emotions and energies. This ability allows an intuitive reader to connect with others on a much more profound level, beyond conscious thought. 

Evidence of Accuracy and Consistency

One pillar of a credible intuitive is the ability to consistently provide accurate information. Offering insights that resonate consistently with clients is a hallmark of an intuitive readers genuine nature of their spiritual gifts.

Empowering Through Guidance, Not Dependency

Authentic intuitive readers focus on empowering their clients rather than fostering dependency. Genuine practitioners recognize the importance of free will ,ethics, energetic safety and protection. 

How to identify fraudulent practices

Generic and Ambiguous Statements

Fraudulent intuitives often rely on generic and ambiguous statements that could apply to a broad spectrum of individuals. This tactic allows them to create an illusion of accuracy without providing genuine insights. Legitimate psychics, on the other hand, offer specific and detailed information that resonates with the unique experiences of the individual.

Reliance on tools

Whilst tools like tarot or oracle cards can be a meaningful aid, the overuse of them may indicate a red flag. These tools are there to enhance the service of the intuitive reading, rather than act as the center piece. 

Psychic services is a practice based on sensing and retrieving information hidden by normal senses, but easily accessible through the ability of extra perception. Psychics provide an intuitive based service through accessing unseen realms of energy for your personal and spiritual clarity. 

Intuitive services at Energetic Soul Growth


The only details I know about you, are your first and last name, and the email address you have provided. As my work is done remotely, I have no idea who I am connecting to. I connect purely to your energy, which means no biases or pre-knowledge about you will effect the reading. 


We are all energy materialized in a very temporary form. After dozens & dozens of hours attuning extra sensory perception, intuitive insights can be made for you.  When you're so close to the source of yourself, it sometimes take an individual outside of you to perceive what you're sending out energetically. 


It isn't uncommon to receive confirmation regarding choices or decisions in your life. By receiving accurate information that aligns with your own thoughts, feelings, or experiences, you can gain untainted clarity. 


It also isn't uncommon to come across your loved ones whilst in intuitive readings. Your ancestors love to support and guide you, and from experience, see the opportunity of an intuitive session to get their point across.


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