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Are spirit guides real?

Are Spirit Guides Real?

The Mysteries of Our Unseen Companions

The concept of spirit guides, invisible beings who offer guidance and support has captivated humanity for thousands and thousands of years. From ancient traditions to modern-day spiritual seekers, the belief in these benevolent companions persists.

But are spirit guides real?

These beings are invisible to our traditional senses, so how can they support us if they're presence isn't obvious?

What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are believed to be wise, non-physical beings who offer guidance, protection, and encouragement to us. They're said to be loved ones, spiritual masters, angels and even animals. Imagine you're truest self is energetic in nature. It decides to incarnate on Earth in a physical form, with their spiritual team on the other side. Their methods of communication can range from intuitive thoughts, dreams, physical sensations and symbols. 

Ancient Teachings on Spirit Guides

The presence of spirit guides is deeply woven into belief systems across many civilizations. In ancient Egypt, the Ka was considered the spiritual double that would protect us as we are in this physical form. Shamans in many cultures talk of spirit animals and guides who offer soul retrievals and healings. The common theme is that of wisdom, love, power, strength and wonder.  

Near-Death Experiences

Numerous accounts from near-death experiences (NDEs) describe encounters with benevolent beings of light, often interpreted as spirit guides. Again, a very common theme on the nature of these beings include:

- Unconditional love.

- Very specific details of their purpose in life. 

- The nature of reality. 


How to Form a Connection with Your Spirit Guides:

Connecting with your spirit guides requires an open mind, a willingness to listen, and a consistent practice of self-awareness. What I mean by that is the internal space you carry within your body and mind to allow this connection. If you feel resistance, judgement and fear around this, your ability to form a connection with your spirit team is limited. Meditation, journaling, and spending time in nature can create a space for intuitive communication. 


What Spirit Guides Help You Do on Earth

Spirit guides are believed to support us in various ways on our earthly journey, such as :

- Personal growth: They can nudge us towards self-awareness and personal development by aligning us to your souls mission.

- Decision-making: They may offer subtle guidance through intuition, helping us navigate life's challenges and make aligned choices.

- Healing: They can guide us towards emotional and spiritual healing. This can be an intentional act from ourselves or done so to heal karma. 

- Creativity and inspiration: They can spark creative ideas, ignite passions, and inspire us to express our authentic selves!


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