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Can spiritual gifts be taken away?

a person embracing their spiritual gifts as they realize, spiritual gifts will never go away

Your Spiritual Gifts: Can they be taken away?

Spiritual gifts, those unique talents and abilities that allow us to serve and connect with something larger than ourselves, are precious blessings. They can bring healing, offer comfort, and spark inspiration in both ourselves and others.

But you may be wondering if your gifts can ever fade or even disappear. 

Your spiritual gifts are YOU

If you've felt a flicker of concern that your spiritual connections have dimmed, then you're not alone. This feeling can be especially unsettling for those who rely on their abilities within their profession or to guide themselves. 

Firstly, remember that your spiritual gifts are not rewards or achievements that can be taken away at a moments notice. But instead, they're your unique expressions of your inherent connection to the divine.

They can manifest in an infinite number of ways, especially beyond the human minds ability to imagine. They often appear to help you and others from a very unique place too, like a fingerprint! Nothing quite the same in the Universe.

They can look like flashes of knowing, the ability to heal, to see symbols and colors around people, the smell of loved ones...+ so much more!

Now, why might you feel a disconnect from your gift?

Life's Ebb and Flow:

Just like nature, our spiritual experiences have seasons. Periods of intense connection can be followed by quiet reflection. This is usually done so that our bodies can integrate what has happened to remove any subconscious or conscious fears.

Believe it or not, beautiful mystical experiences can leave our bodies feeling frightened. Our mind may cling onto hope for the next experience, but sometimes we're not entirely ready as the experience was so out of the ordinary. 

This doesn't signify a loss of your gift, but a natural shift in its expression. It may be the time for you to ponder on the gift/experience so that you can remember how powerful you really are.

Emotional Rollercoaster:

Do not underestimate the power of emotions! Stress, anxiety, or even intense joy can temporarily mute your sensitivity to your spiritual gifts.

Spiritual gifts are expressed through the body and mind. When an emotion is strongly attached to our identity, the subtle ways spiritual gifts express themselves can become clouded.

Remember, we are spiritual beings, but we are also in a temporary physical vessel. To receive and radiate our gifts, we must remember that as breathing isn't earned, neither are our gifts. 

What should you do?

Just as clearing your physical space creates room, as does tending to your emotional well-being. 

- Observe your thoughts.

- Observe your immediate responses to uncertain situations.

- Say affirmations to yourself repeatedly until you notice an internal shift, then keep doing it!

And finally

Your spiritual gifts are not fragile possessions to be lost. They are deeply woven into the fabric of your very being.

Trust that they are always present, even when they seem hidden.

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