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Email Psychic Readings

email psychic reading

The World of Email Psychic Readings


As the world is becoming faster, with more obligations, commitments and generally less time to connect within, email psychic readings provide flexibility. This allows my clients all over the world to still seek the guidance a traditional psychic reader offers, but without the obligation of a face to face meeting.

Whether you're a busy professional, a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or simply prefer the comfort of your own space, this form of distant reading offers an accessible service. 

Written Documentation

Unlike most traditional psychic readings where you're usually face to face, psychic readings that are emailed offer a written record. You can access this record whenever you like, reflecting on insights and clarity over time. 

Emailed Psychic Readings are unbiased

Psychic email readings eliminate your physical presence, which allows access to your energy field, without any body language/facial expression/speech to influence the service. This unbiased energy connection can result in a more accurate reading, free from cues that may unintentionally sway interpretations.

Enhanced Focus

The nature of a distant emailed psychic reading enables the me to deliver you a devotion of time and energy without distractions. Allowing myself to solely focus on you, often leads to a more detailed email psychic reading.

Why Distant Email Psychic Readings Work


Contrary to what a lot think, distant psychic readings can be just as effective, if not more so, than traditional face-to-face sessions. The nature of the Universe is energy, and energy has no physical boundaries. Psychics and Intuitives who have practiced distant reading and healing, tap in easily regardless of distance.

Time and Space

The world of quantum physics has proven that energy transcends time and space. This means that energy moves without our perceptions of the barrier of the physical. Intuitive abilities aren't limited to the lack of 'space', as we often experience intuitive moments outside of our meaning of time and space. 

Experience Email Psychic Readings with Energetic Soul Growth

At Energetic Soul Growth, Marie offers you an empowering yet highly accessible way of receiving spiritual insight. Here's how you can embark on this journey:

Psychic and Intuitive Readings

All of the following services require no physical presence, just an email address to receive your emailed psychic readings! 

Intuitive Insight Reading

This psychic reading is an opportunity to receive resonating insight into the energies all around you. This looks like understanding the emotions and feelings you experience, dreams and fears as well as guidance on your path. 

Energetic Healing

A mixture of reiki and shamanic healing to clear, heal and enhance your energetic field. Receive resonating insight on your energy and the healing taken place.  

Dynamic Service

This service couples of the Energetic Healing and the Intuitive Insight Reading. An incredibly eye opening experience to heal and to experience your potential. 

One Card Tarot Reading

If you prefer the visuals of a tarot card, look no further. This service involves intuition to interpret the Tarot Card towards your given focus. 
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