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Energy Healing Near You

energy healing near you. experience the possibility of renewed energy and a clearing of the old with the intuitive energy healing service

Intuitive Energy Healing

Do you long for a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you? If so, then The Intuitive Energy Healing service may be the answer you've been searching for. This transformative practice has the power to unlock your potential and guide you on a journey of personal and spiritual development.

This session combines the teachings and practice of Reiki and Shamanic Healing to clear energetic blockages, and pave the way to unlock your potential. 

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What is Intuitive Energy Healing?

Intuitive energy healing is a holistic approach that focuses on restoring balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. By tapping into the subtle energy that flows through all living beings, Marie can identify through intuition and psychic abilities, any imbalances that may be holding you back.

How Energy Healing works

During The Intuitive Energy Healing session, Marie uses her psychic and intuitive abilities to connect with your energy field. Your energy field is a huge energetic space that every Being has in the energetic realm. By accessing your energy field from a distance, Marie interprets which she senses, sees and feels in your energy field that needs to be removed and enhanced.

This method then creates space for high vibrational energy to flow freely, (think, ABUNDANCE, JOY, LOVE, HEALTH), promoting healing and growth.

The Benefits of The Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive energy healing offers a wide range of benefits for your personal and spiritual development. It can help you:

  • Release emotional baggage and trauma
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve physical health and well-being
  • Enhance intuition and self-awareness
  • Awaken your creativity and passion
  • Connect with your higher self and spiritual guides

By clearing away the energetic blocks that hold you back, this service aims to provide more internal space to heal. By clearing self limiting beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and generational conditioning, your true potential can be fulfilled. 

Experience the Transformation

Whether you're seeking clarity, healing, or a deeper connection with yourself, this powerful practice has the ability to unlock your potential and help you become the best version of yourself.

This process is a powerful method of opening yourself to receive the infinite possibilities that are waiting for you.

Is Energy Healing real?

Shamanic Healing is an ancient practice which has been around for thousands and thousands of years, which makes it older than religion itself. 

As we are energetic beings living a temporary human experience, how we think, what we think, believe and perceive influence the physical. If we can start in the energetic realm by clearing and healing, we make space for high vibrational energy to enter. With this comes the capacity to heal traumas and belief systems from the root, creating an avalanche of incredible possibilities'!

Distant energy healing

Sometimes however, finding a local practitioner can feel daunting. Or maybe your life doesn't allow for an in-person appointment. Fortunately, distance (and time) is no barrier to intuitive energy healing. 

Energy is everywhere, all the time.

Going deeper into the spiritual rabbit hole, everyone is a fragment of one consciousness experiencing the universe from a unique perspective. Therefore, the same potent energy healing is available for you, with the added flexibility of receiving it in the comfort of your home or space.  

Distant Healing: Why Choose It?

Choosing remote healing offers several unique advantages:

- Convenience and comfort. Sessions can be scheduled around your life, eliminating travel time and hassle. Receiving healing in your own familiar space offers a better chance of relaxation and vulnerability.

- Accessibility. By connecting with Marie at Energetic Soul Growth through a distant healing, you are connecting with someone who has invested time and resources to be the best healer for you. 

    What to Expect During a Remote Intuitive Energy Healing Session

    A typical remote healing session involves:

    - You and Marie starting the session at the agreed upon time. 

    - After 30-45 minutes of relaxation and/or meditation, you are free to wait for your emailed recording of everything that happened within the service.

    Due to time zones and internet connection, Zoom calls are not a necessary part of the service, but if you would prefer to do so beforehand, do not hesitate to ask! 

    Embracing the Outcomes: Where Does Your Healing Journey Lead?

    The outcomes of remote energy healing can be diverse and impactful:

    - Clarity. A lot of individuals feel more centered when handling life's challenges and in general. 

    - Emotional clearing. Some memories and emotional responses linger in the energetic space if they haven't been properly released. Some individuals (myself included) experience a release of emotion that no longer needs to stay. 

    - Spiritual growth. This energy healing is about deepening the connection to your most highest self. This can look like a heightened sense of intuition as you can understand your souls purpose. 

    Finally, energy healing is a collaborative journey. Trust your intuition when choosing a practitioner, remain open to the process, and actively participate in your own healing. Whilst energy healers have the ability to bring new energy and release old out from your system, your participation will make the biggest difference.

    Whether you seek an in-person experience or remote sessions, energetic support is always within reach, ready to guide you towards a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

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