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Everything is spiritual

Everything in this world is spiritual

In a world dominated by the tangible and the visible, there's a growing curiosity about the intangible and the unseen. Many find themselves pondering the question: Is everything spiritual, and are humans truly spiritual beings? To explore the hidden world unveils energetic interconnectedness that transcends the physical realm.

There's more to this physical world

Throughout history, cultures across the globe have embraced spiritual practices, recognizing the existence of forces beyond the grasp of our senses. Whether through religion, philosophy, or personal experiences, there is a curiosity of something bigger than ourselves. 

The magic of Synchronicities 

Synchronicities, those highly coincidental yet meaningful occurrences, serve as breadcrumbs on the spiritual journey. Synchronicities remind us that life is not a series of random events but a dance between the physical and spiritual realms. If you've ever experienced one, it reflects a power of divine timing and magic that can be tapped into at anytime. 

The power of Intuitive Hits 

Have you ever seen a flash of images in your mind, or felt a gut feeling seemingly come out of nowhere. That is again, another layer to our spiritual experiences. Whether it's a decision that feels right or a sudden inspiration, these moments illuminate the idea that there's more to human cognition than mere logic.


Spiritual FAQ's

Top 10 Questions about being Spiritual Beings

  1. Are humans only physical beings? No, humans are believed to possess a spiritual dimension beyond the physical body.

  2. How do I know if I've had a spiritual experience? Spiritual experiences vary widely, but common signs include: a sense of profound connection, inner peace, unconditional love, a feeling of returning 'home'. 

  3. Can everyone tap into their spiritual side? Yes, everyone has the potential to explore and develop their spiritual awareness through various practices. These practices include: meditation, visualization, prayer, yoga and energy work. 

  4. Is spirituality the same as religion? While spirituality and religion share some common ground, spirituality is often considered a personal and experiential journey, while religion tends to involve organized practices and beliefs.

  5. What role do synchronicities play in spirituality? Synchronicities are often viewed as meaningful coincidences that guide individuals on their spiritual path. This can provide insights, affirmations and messages on your path. 

  6. How can I enhance my intuition? Practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and trusting your instincts can help strengthen and develop your intuition. Intuition is never lost, but it can become weakened like a muscle. To strengthen it requires patience and consistency.

  7. Do science and spirituality conflict? While science and spirituality explore different aspects of reality, many scientists acknowledge the existence of unexplained phenomena and the limitations of purely materialistic views. Science has explored and created a lot of good for communities, however, its rigidity can sometimes dilute the power in spirituality. If you're interested in topics that co-exist, research quantum physics!

  8. What is the purpose of prayer and meditation in spirituality? Prayer and meditation serve as tools to quiet the mind, foster inner peace, and connect with the spiritual realm. The inner voice in our mind is not you, it is simply a temporary wave of energy that is not our identity. By observing our thoughts instead of being them, we cannot be as easily swayed in life.

  9. Can anyone experience a spiritual awakening? Yes, spiritual awakenings can happen to anyone at any stage of life, often triggered by significant life events or introspective moments. What happens after a spiritual awakening or encounter deserves integration and reflection so you can integrate it. 

  10. How can I integrate spirituality into my daily life? Incorporating practices such as gratitude, mindfulness, and self-reflection can help infuse spirituality into your everyday experiences. By embodying a spiritual experience, we can use it as a compass in life to remind ourselves of our power. 

Access the mystical


Prayer is a divine channel of communication between you and The Divine/Source/Creator/God/Consciousness (whatever wording feels right to you). This form of communication can be speaking out loud, speaking internally or using feelings as a way to communicate with Source. It's useful in any times to receive clarification, signs and messages.


Engaging in meditation is a powerful way of developing a deep connection to your Self. Not the you that is continuously talking in your mind, but the Soul. Developing this connection offers many positives. It has the ability to:

- Enhance your intuition. 

- Learn what thoughts harm you, and what thoughts help you. 

- Allow you to feel safer in your body. 

- Develop a way of communication to receive clarity at any point in life.


Visualization has powerful ways of manifesting our desires by serving as a bridge between the physical and spiritual dimensions. The laws of attraction and assumption discuss this concept as a way to magnetize our desires from thought into the physical. 

The science behind it

In recent years, scientific exploration has delved into areas that align with spiritual beliefs. Quantum physics, for instance, has challenged traditional notions of reality, suggesting that the observer plays a crucial role in the nature of reality. For example, the double slit experiment has measured the valuable results of an observer changing the behavior of particles and waves. the observed.

Studies on consciousness also raise questions about the interconnectedness of all living things, hinting at a universal consciousness that transcends individual minds.

Also, neuroscience has explored the effects of meditation on the brain. Results have shown us changes in neural pathways associated with increased well-being and a sense of interconnectedness.

Research on near-death experiences and altered states of consciousness contribute to the growing evidence supporting the idea that there is more to the human experience than meets the eye.

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