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Feminine Energy

the balancing of masculine and feminine energies

Embrace Your Feminine Energy

Our modern world has led us to believe that strength lies in force, achievement in hustle, and power in dominance. Yet, beneath the surface lies a very potent, often neglected force: feminine energy. This energy is not about gender, but a universal energy present in all beings, regardless of how someone identifies. 

What is Feminine Energy?

From a spiritual and metaphysical perspective, feminine energy embodies qualities such as :

- receptivity, intuition, the flow state, creativity, empathy, compassion and nurturing. 

Whereas masculine energy embodies qualities such as :

- logic, structure, stability, discipline and focus.

However, the feminine energy has been misunderstood with it's free flowing nature as weak and submissive. These are qualities of a wounded feminine energy, but is not the qualities of balanced feminine energy. It's about a potent inner power that stems from deep knowing and connection to your intuition.

It's the lioness protecting her cubs with fierce love and a strong leader drawing their energy through compassion.

Connecting with Your Feminine Energy

Here are some practices into balancing this energy:

- Embrace receptivity: Slow down and sit in silence. This can look like just a few minutes of mindfulness. 

- Acknowledge and honor your Intuition: However your intuition comes through must be paid attention to. If you're seeking a greater flow state, worship that inner guidance. With the greatest softness and love, she will warn you, inspire you, illuminate you and transform you. This can look like mental images, bodily sensations and logical insight. 

- Welcome compassion in your day to day: Practice self-compassion and extend it to others. We are all going through a range of some degree of disrupt, change, stagnancy, grief + so much more, remember to be kind. *This does not justify any wrongful and harmful actions*.

    Healing the Imbalance of Masculine & Feminine

    Remember, this journey is about wholeness on the energetic level. By honoring these polar energies, a potential future could be a fa more harmonic way of living. 

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