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free psychic reading for email subscribers at Energetic Soul Growth. This free spiritual reading is sent out at the start of each month

Free Psychic Readings


Welcome to Energetic Soul Growth!

As an intuitive reader and energy healer creating distant (yet potent) spiritually led services, my mission is to also be of service for anyone seeking intuitive guidance. 

To receive consistent start of the month psychic collective readings, all you need to do is subscribe! That is it.

How a collective psychic reading works:

If you feel drawn, excited or expansive towards becoming a subscriber, your Higher Self could be encouraging you to receive potent intuitive guidance. 

At the start of every month, I intend to become one with the energies of all email subscribers. This mass form of consciousness can indicate:

- General themes within the collective.

- Personal messages for anyone who needs it.

- Intuitive guidance to do with challenges, dreams, season of life and next steps. 

- Messages from your spiritual team, ancestors and loved ones. 


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