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How long does a spiritual awakening last?

the process of awakening spiritually, the length of time a spiritual awakening lasts and the true meaning behind one

Exploring the Duration of a Spiritual Awakening

Have you ever experienced a moment of such profound clarity or a shift in your perception of the world that left you forever changed?

If so, you might have glimpsed the transformative power of a spiritual awakening. But, a lingering question often arises: how long does this awakening last?

Before delving into the duration, let's first explore what a spiritual awakening truly is.

A Spiritual Awakening:

Imagine a bubble of beliefs, experiences and perspectives woven into each other. A spiritual awakening is like a temporary pin to the bubble which reveals a reality you never knew existed. This is a profound shift in consciousness which allows you to bring a heightened sense of awareness to you.

Signs You've Awoken:

Your awakening(s) can manifest in so many ways:

1. Intensified connection - A deeper connection to humanity, nature and all as you experience the oneness of all things. 

2. Perception shifts - Your perspective on life dramatically changes as you embrace a more compassionate outlook.

3. Unveiling Illusions - You see through societal norms and constructs. 

While these are generally common, what is always the same for every Spiritual Awakening, is the very unique nature of each one. 

So how long does a spiritual awakening last?

Most of the time when a spiritual awakening occurs, the event itself could be anywhere between a few seconds, moments, hours or even days. The time after the spiritual awakening is all about reflection, integration, release and change. 

We are not the same individuals before Vs. after a spiritual awakening. Our priorities, beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, dreams and even fears change. 

This process is a journey, not a destination.

The Initial Spark of a Spiritual Awakening

The initial awakening often feels intense and powerful. This initial phase can last between seconds to days. 

After your Spiritual Awakening

As the intensity subsides, do not confuse it with a loss of awakening. This is the part of the process where you integrate everything you learned and experienced. This can look taking what you know from the experience and using that as a new way of being in daily life. 

Did you feel the presence/see an angel? Did a loved one communicate to you? Did something so synchronistic happen that no logical reasoning could explain it?

The knowledge you gained in that moment are seeds that once integrated into your being, transform the direction of you life.

Awakening doesn't have a time frame

Remember, the awakening isn't a single event, but an ongoing process. You'll likely encounter other awakenings that over time create a mental jigsaw in your mind. Periods of growth and deeper understanding may be followed by times of challenges or questioning. Embrace this ebb and flow; it's all part of the continuous expansion of your consciousness.

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