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Powerful Root Chakra Affirmations

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Affirmations for the Root Chakra

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1. I am deeply connected to the Earths strength and stability.

2. I am grounded in my authenticity. 
3. My needs are always met and supported. 
4. I am safe as fears melt away.
5. I forgive myself by releasing burdens.
6. My body is a temple. 
7. My boundaries are strong as I experience healthy relationships. 
8. I am worthy of what abundance brings into my life. 
9. I attract opportunities and resources with ease.
10. My energy anchors me to the Earths core, enabling growth.
11. My life is purposeful and fueled with inner strength. 
12. I trust the flow of life.
13. I am curious of the unknown, as I know I am protected and guided with love. 
14. I honor my unique path as I bring in my authentic desires. 
15. My inner voice is calm and trusting. 
16. I am grateful for the abundance and security that surrounds me.
17. I am at home within my own body. 
18. My intuition is always guiding me towards the most aligned outcome. 
19. I embrace and love everything about me. 
20. I am a very powerful creator, manifesting my dreams with ease.


Remember: These affirmations are most powerful when repeated regularly with intention and belief.

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