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Powerful Solar Plexus Affirmations

solar plexus affirmations for healing

20 Solar Plexus Affirmations for Power and Confidence:

1. My internal flame burns bright when illuminating my intuition. 

2. I claim my personal power. 

3. I radiate self-confidence effortlessly. 

4. I embrace my authenticity, shredding self limiting beliefs. 

5. I am worthy of my success and the beautiful abundance that comes with it. 

6. My intuition guides my confidently and calmly. 

7. My leadership effortlessly paves the way to ease in all areas of life. 

8. I turn challenges into opportunities of growth. 

9. I am resilient. 

10. I navigate life's ebb's and flows with ease by releasing expectations. 

11. My solar plexus easily releases emotional blockages. 

12. My energy is priceless. 

13. I honor my boundaries and gut instincts with myself and others. 

14. I have so much to celebrate. 

15. I trust my gut instinct as it lovingly guides my in my journey. 

16. I am a beacon of light so others can see their own light. 

17. When I feel jealousy, I acknowledge the potential and desires within. 

18. My desires, desire me. 

19. I embody a success mentality. 

20. I do not chase my desires, as they come effortlessly to me in the most unexpected ways. 


5 Specific Solar Plexus Healing Affirmations:

1. I release all emotional blockages within my solar plexus. As I do, my original power becomes more obvious. 

2. My solar plexus is balanced and flowing with energy. 

3. I forgive myself lovingly. 

4. I am open to the transformation of easily and effortlessly allowing my radiant self to shine. 

5. I confidently know that I am lovingly protected by my spiritual team and ancestors. 

Remember: Repeat these affirmations with intention and conviction to experience their transformative power.

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