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Psychic or Tarot Readings?

An Intuitive reader offering tarot readings and psychic readings for clients

Which is more accurate? Psychic or Tarot Readings?

Psychics vs. Tarot Readings - Which Path Guides You Best?

The mystery of psychic and tarot readings are seen throughout history and present day in many cultures and parts of the world. But if you're unsure on which service is the most accurate and resonating for you, which one should you choose? Check out Intuitive Readings and Tarot Readings at Energetic Soul Growth to experience a highly resonating service.

Differences between a psychic and tarot card reading

Psychics: Psychics as a whole tap into a form of extrasensory perception which in our alert and fast paced environment, cannot be as easily accessed. Psychics can see into different points in time and space through their intuitive gifts to provide information to you. Also, very psychic has their own flavor. Some are mediums are can communicate with passed loved ones and ancestors. Others have the ability to 'see' whether in their mind or their physical eyes such as symbols, auras and spirits. Psychic readings are highly personal to you, but usually offer you the information rather than what you want.

Tarot Readings: Tarot and other variations have been in use for hundreds of years. The cards include archetypes of the subconscious, numbers and subtle imagery to visualize what you as a client need to see. Every Tarot Reader is different, and based off their own unique form of receiving intuition. Some Tarot Readers may not see the imagery as much as use their feelings to guide the session. This service is particularly good if you're seeking a grounded approach to intuitive readings, as you can visually see the card. 

Differences between a psychic and tarot reading

In my experience as an Intuitive Reader, the two key differences are:

- Method: Psychics use their unique way of perceiving subtle energies of providing you with the service, whereas tarot Readers use the symbolism and intuition to interpret the imagery, numbers and energies they sense.

- Structure: Psychic readings can sometimes be free-flowing and unpredictable, while tarot readings follow specific spreads and card meanings.


- Intuition: Both methods rely heavily on the reader's intuition and ability to interpret signs and symbols.

- Guidance: Both offer insights, guidance, and perspectives to navigate life's complexities.

- Personal Impact: Regardless of method, a skilled reader can provide valuable insights for self-reflection and growth.


Finding the Right Spiritual Reader:

Regardless of your chosen path, choosing a skilled and ethical reader is crucial. Based off my own personal and professional experience:

- Comfortable connection: Trust your intuition and choose someone whose energy resonates with you. Do you trust this person to access your energy?

- Confidentiality: Your personal details should and cannot be shared with anyone without your permission. 


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