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Shadow Work Prompts

a woman using shadow work prompts to unveil the magic within her

Shadow Work Prompts to Uncover Your True Self

What is Shadow Work 

Have you ever felt as if there's more to you than what you experience on a day to day basis? Maybe you feel hidden emotions, motives and behaviors that you keep to yourself, that are never expressed. Or maybe a subtle behavior or habit from someone that triggers you without any logical reasoning.

That, my friend, is the shadow self calling out. At Energetic Soul Growth, the Shadow Work Journal PDF has over 100 prompts to get you started for only $5USD!

In the spiritual community, there is a lot of talk about embodying the self, which also includes integrating the shadow.

Is the Shadow Self bad?

There is nothing inherently 'bad' about your shadow. In fact, it often holds the key to incredible gifts, talents and perspectives on topics that were not allowed to be expressed. Other people may have felt shamed, embarrassed or inferior to parts of you, and so invoked shame onto you. This in turns creates fear to share those parts of you. 

To truly connect with your authentic self, requires an integration of all aspects of your being. Shadow work is the key.

What are Shadow Work Prompts?

Shadow work prompts are questions designed to gently nudge you towards introspection. These cover topics from:

- Relationships

- Career and Income

- How you were raised as a child

- How you relate yourself to the world

- & many, many more...

This often-uncomfortable but transformative realm of your shadow self is only a pen and paper away. Using shadow self prompts act as starting points, encouraging reflection and self-discovery, ultimately leading you to greater self-awareness. 

Unveiling the Shadow

Your shadow self is located in the subconscious. As a sponge of memories, emotions and desires and experiences, it retains information from the moment you were born. The shadow deemed these parts of you unacceptable or inconvenient and as a result, can influence you to choose negative patterns.

But how does the shadow influence me?

- If you were told you were too loud

- Your laugh was too much

- You disagreed too often with others... may mold yourself to 'become a character' who isn't too loud, or conforms to the beliefs of others to keep you safe. 


The shadow self is always here. If you 'forget' about a piece of rotten fruit stuffed to the back of drawer, it doesn't mean it's not there.

Instead you get used to the smell. You only open certain drawers in a certain way to not come into contact with the rotten fruit. And you learn to live that way so you do not upset the conditions of the fruit. 

How do I integrate the shadow?

Shadow work instead allows you (in a safe way) to open the drawer where the rotten fruit is, feel the emotions for what it is and release it into the bin, (crying, dance, shouting into a pillow).

10 Shadow Work Prompts to Get You Started:

- What emotions do I easily judge in others?

- What situations trigger anger, sadness or shame?

- What dreams unsettle me the most?

- Who do I envy the most in my life?

- What parts do I hide from others and feel embarrassed about when others see it?

- What negative patterns do I notice the most?

- What thoughts do I tend to overthink about? Additionally, what thoughts do I not like to overthink?

- What situations make me feel powerless?

- What advice would I give the younger version of myself?

- If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change about yourself?


Calming the Mind and Body for Shadow Work Prompts

Consider the following exercise to create a safe and grounded space:

- Find a quiet and safe space free from distractions. 

- Sit comfortably and close your eyes. 

- Take a few deep breaths.

- Create an intention. This can look like 'I intend to release tension and shame through Shadow Work Prompt work. 

What Shadow work prompt work looks like

- As you write the prompts and put everything down onto paper, feel the discomfort. It may feel unsafe in your body to get closer to the shadow, but this is simply a response. Your mind wants you safe which looks like not getting too close. With this exercise, it isn't uncommon to receive memories you haven't thought of in years, which is why a safe environment is necessary. 

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