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A Shaman Healing Near You

the tree of life. An energetic pattern important for shamanic healing and energy healing

Shamanic healing near you

Your journey to energetic transformation

This blog post is your guide to experiencing the profound power of a shamanic healing near you at Energetic soul Growth. If you're at the beginning of your spiritual journey, or have felt like lifetimes of spiritual awakenings have you led you to this one, look no further!

Shamanic Healing: Cleansing your energy field

At Energetic Soul Growth, shamanic healing is used in the Energy Healing and Dynamic Intuitive Services to reclaim your dormant power and magic.

Why your energy field needs cleansing

By entering your energy field, Marie intuitively perceives trauma, self limiting beliefs and ancestral patterns that do not serve you. Based off previous experience, the following can linger in your energy field for years:

- How you perceive yourself

- Previous trauma that hasn't been cleared

- How actions of others and yourself effect you now

- How the generations before you thought and felt, which are reflected in how you think and feel.

- Limiting beliefs from childhood experiences keeping you in a cage of lack and fear.

How does energy healing work?

Shamanic healing and among other forms such as Reiki, recognize the interconnectedness of all things. Shamanic healing is a very ancient practice and has been performed in ceremonies for thousands and thousands of years across different cultures. 

As science is now understanding what Shamans have understood for thousands of years, invisible energy fields surround us within the electromagnetic system. This energy contains information about our Soul, the lifetime we're in and the many before and after this one. It contains thoughts, emotions, memories, dreams and so much more to understand, release and enhance.

When these fields become imbalanced due to stress, trauma, or negative emotions, disharmony manifests in various forms. This can look like:

- Physical ailments

- Emotional distress

- Spiritual disconnect.

That's where Shamanic healing comes in

Marie will act as a channel to receive information and allowing healing frequencies into your field to enhance your life experience.

By gently releasing trapped emotions and limiting beliefs, your unique energetic flow can balance over time to allow your most authentic self to come through. 

Our most authentic expression looks like:

- Creating a life based on our desires, not what others expect of us

- Healthy boundaries

- Aligned friendships and relationships

- Abundance

Your energy healing at Energetic Soul Growth

At Energetic Soul Growth, all services are distant. Living in such a fast paced and demanding world, should not leave you with little time to maintain your energy field. Marie offers you distant shamanic healing.

These services are as potent (if not more) than face to face. With no bias, what you get in your energy healing recording is purely intuitive. 

The distance doesn't diminish the potency of the healing; it simply opens up the possibility for transformative sessions regardless of your location.

Benefits of Unveiling Your Energy's Radiance

So, why choose shamanic healing? The benefits are far-reaching and profound. You can expect to experience:

    • Enhanced emotional well-being: Release anxiety, depression, and negativity, fostering inner peace and emotional clarity.
    • Physical revitalization: Reclaim your physical vitality, promoting better sleep, pain relief, and improved overall health.
    • Spiritual awakening: Deepen your connection to your intuition, guiding you toward a more purposeful and fulfilling life.
    • Personal growth: Identify and break free from limiting patterns, unlocking your hidden potential and embracing your authentic self.

Embarking on Your Journey

Shamanic healing is not just a one-time fix; it's a journey of self-discovery and holistic empowerment. I invite you to explore this transformative path. 

Expect to receive:

- Personal growth

- Awakening of your spiritual gifts

- Greater perception of your life

- Greater emotional wellbeing.

Connect with Marie today to schedule your remote shamanic healing session!

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