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Should you get a psychic reading?

psychic reading in action. Third eye is open to allow intuitive insights

Is it a good idea to see a Psychic Reader?

Unlocking Your Potential with Clarity and Guidance

A psychic reading from a very good psychic can be incredibly powerful, HOWEVER, 'anyone' could claim to be a psychic reader. No qualifications are necessary to enter the industry and the costs of being a psychic reader aren't the same as a restaurant for example. This is to say that your discernment is key. 

Imagine if you can receive insights into your hidden strengths, past influences and future potentials? This is a service where you a re empowered with information from your Soul.

At Energetic Soul Growth, Marie has hundreds of hours in the spiritual team retrieving highly personal information for individuals journeys. 

What a good psychic does

Have you ever felt stuck or limited? Maybe you're feeling like you could be experiencing better for yourself. Your Soul could be urging you towards deeper self-awareness and the release of self-limiting beliefs.

Experience a powerful psychic reading

Speaking from experience as a Psychic Reader, the unlimited abundance of potential residing in you is waiting to become physical. Over time, I've witnessed countless individuals transform their lives after experiencing the clarity and validation that a reading can offer.

Benefits of a Psychic Reading: 

- Self-Discovery: Gain a much deeper understanding of your personality, motivations, and past experiences. By recognizing patterns, you can make much better choices based on your authentic self.

- Release of Limiting Beliefs: Old fears, doubts, and negative self-talk often hold us back and at a certain comfort level. A reading can help identify and release these limiting beliefs, allowing your potential to be lived. 

- Validation and Confirmation: Sometimes, all we need is a validating nudge in the right direction. Our intuitive hits can sometimes be dismissed from ourselves. But a good psychic reader picks up on it, meaning that you can walk away with greater confidence in your inner wisdom. 

Spiritual Connection: If you're on a spiritual journey, a reading can deepen your connection to your intuition and higher self. This can be a catalyst for powerful changes when connecting to a bigger power than us. 

Drawbacks to Consider:

- Not Guaranteed: The true power lies in how you integrate the insights into your life. Sometimes the reading will tell you what you need to know, not what you want to know. 

- Skepticism: If you're inherently skeptical, you may struggle to fully engage with the experience. 

- Unethical Practices: Sadly, there are unethical individuals posing as psychics. Remember, true guidance empowers, not exploits. Avoid anyone who cannot provide personal and resonating detail without 'fishing' for information from you. Is their body language confident? Are they coming from a place of fear? These questions will help with discernment.

Here are some red flags to watch out for:

- Fear Tactics: Beware of anyone threatening curses or manipulating you with fear.

- Specificity Guarantees: No genuine reader can guarantee exact future events and they shouldn't either. If anyone is implying any fearful future events, take that with a very big grain of salt. 

- Pressure to Follow Advice: Trust your own intuition, and not the words of a psychic reader. Whilst psychic readers can offer wonderful and highly resonating information, the only guidance to follow is your own. 

Possible outcomes of a psychic reading at Energetic Soul Growth.

- Renewed Sense of Purpose: You'll have a clearer sense of your direction and the steps needed to achieve your goals.

- Empowered Choices: You'll be equipped to make decisions aligned with your true values and desires.

- Deeper Self-Awareness: Understanding your motivations and triggers leads to greater personal growth.

- Spiritual Expansion: You'll connect more deeply with your intuition and your place in the universe.

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