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Navigating Spiritual Awakenings

Spiritual awakenings are an uplifting moment for the soul, yet an identity shaking experience for the ego. 

If you liken your Soul to the innermost core of an onion, the beliefs and stories you tell yourself are the layers of that onion. They're the building blocks that have formed patterns of how, what and why you think in certain ways. It's how you view yourself and others. Navigating spiritual awakenings is a process of gradually removing and piercing through these layers. 

Your spiritual awakening ultimately creates space between what and who you think you are, with what and who you actually are. And it can come in many, many ways. Some are spontaneous awakenings of mystical encounters, tragic expereinces, death, NDE's, meditations, hardships. But they all can asking you questions like "is there more to this reality than this?'. "Why do bad things happen to good people?", "What happens after death?".

Navigating spiritual awakenings can feel very uncomfortable, isolating and challenging. But these feelings will not last forever, as nothing is permanent. 

What does a spiritual awakening achieve?

Firstly, an awakening is a divine experience to reach and experience your energetic true self. With all of the layers covering your true nature, you will naturally over time become less accostomed to the 'Soul' and more with the narrative you have created about yourself. This is also called the 'Ego'. 

The ego is not bad by any means. It protects and keeps you safe. BUT, and this a very big BUT, it cannot advance you to the next levels in your life. It will keep you stuck in cycles that will not let you bypass your comfort zone into abundance, freedom, healing, whatever it may be. 

Your ego is very happy to be cocooned in it's predictable comfort zone. But your Soul came to Earth to experience the full richness of your life. The diviersity of everything Earth has to offer. And sometimes, we are given time periods where we have a choice as to whether we wish to grow closer to our soul, or further away from it. Navigating spiritual awakenings happens here. 

What you can do when navigating spiritual awakenings

We are born, go to school, get a job, save for retirement and pass away. Everyone of course has a different flavor to this foundational pattern. However, this is usually a pattern that most people follow in communities, sometimes with not much of a thought into why that is. 

However, when you are navigating spiritual awakenings, there will come a point where we start to perceive reality with a less foggy lens.

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