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Spirit Guides

You have a spiritual team

After a spontaneous spiritual awakening at the age of 13, I can tell you now that you have a spiritual family watching you and cheering you on.

They're so impressed, proud and in awe of your capacity to be on Earth at this time. To be here requires bravery and unconditional love for your Soul family.

Connecting with your ancestors, loved ones and spiritual team is one out of many parts of an Intuitive Reading and Healing.

What you should know about your spiritual team; 

- You have so much power it's unbelievable. The egoic sense of power cannot comprehend what you're truly capable of. 

- The unconditional love you do not experience on this planet in this time is abnormal compared to what is always 'there' energetically. 

- Your ancestors, loved ones and spiritual team want clear communication as much as you do. 

- Gravity can sometimes be a bit of a hardship for energetic beings which is why feeling their presence is a gift. It's dense on this planet at this time. But they are still watching you with so much love and admiration. 

My intuitive services have the opportunity for ancestors, our spiritual family, and loved ones to assist us by providing us with messages. To feel this powerful connection you can work with me in intuitive services.

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