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Tarot Card Reading Near You

tarot reading near you with the wheel of fortune tarot card

Tarot Card Reader Near You

Welcome to Energetic Soul Growth, a place to explore what is to be revealed to you through a Tarot card Reading. In a world of constant obligations, commitments and work, Marie at Energetic Soul Growth offers a far more flexible experience for you. 

Complete your Online Tarot Reading payment

This service is a distant reading, where all you need to provide is your email address, along with the selected area you would like the focus on upon purchase. Simply select the area of focus you wish to explore:

- Relationships

- Income

- Health

- Changes in life

- Challenges

- Aspirations and dreams

- An option to select all!

How distant Tarot Readings work

Marie will access your energy (which can be done anywhere and at anytime). Distance is no barrier when it comes to intuitive and psychic work, meaning you are not limited to psychic professionals within your local area! 

By accessing your energy at the time of the service, Marie will intuitively choose a Tarot Card whilst interpreting the energies you radiate with your chosen focus. The Tarot Card itself may not be what you need to see, but sometimes small details in the card offer hints of clarity you need to receive. 

Are Tarot Card Readings Accurate?

Tarot Cards have a mysterious and beautiful way of clearly showing the practitioner and yourself, the energies of the topic in subject. If you're skeptical, definitely give it a go to see how the service aligns with your state of mind! These services usually start to crack peoples skeptical mindset, as it offers questions into 'how' someone can 'access someone else's' energy'. 

Confirm your Tarot Reading Online Today!

What to know after payment of a tarot card reading

Each area of focus is worth $30 USD. Tax Included.

After your purchase, please allow up to 7 days to receive your Tarot Card Reading. Make sure the email address you provide at the time of payment is correct, otherwise you may not receive your emailed tarot reading. 

Your emailed response will be approximately 400-500 words per topic. 

What to expect in your tarot card reading

This service is ideal for anyone wishing to gain clarity and insights into an area of life. Tarot Cards reflect the subconscious energies within you, and what you ultimately need to know. Sometimes it isn't what we want to hear, but what we need to hear in order to move forward again. 

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