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The power of meditation

the power of meditation

Meditation and mystical experiences

What is meditation?

Meditation is an ancient practice going back thousands and thousands of years ago. It's a journey of going inwards on a very deep level to achieve a deeper connection to the Self. 

This process of stillness and attention to the breath, mantra, visualization or part of the body cultivates a state of focus, heightened awareness and inner peace. It does this by involving a deliberate effort to detach from the chatter in the mind, creating a space of stillness and clarity. 


How is meditation used?

Individuals utilize meditation for stress reduction, enhanced focus, spiritual connection, and overall well-being. Meditation can take many forms, such as mindfulness, transcendental, visualization energetic work. 

Popular techniques involve scanning of the body, awareness of the breath, visualization and many more. and  meditation, and more.

Using meditation in your day to day routine

Incorporating meditation into your daily routine is not a mere luxury, but a strategic investment in your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Meditation serves as a sanctuary from the demands of modern life. Increasing your capacity of resilience, inner calm, peace and detachment of thoughts serves us. By integrating meditation into your routine, you reclaim control over your mental landscape, cultivating a calm center amidst life's inevitable storms.

The benefits of meditation

The benefits of a consistent meditation practice are very profound. Scientifically, it's been shown to reduce cortisol levels, sharpens focus and promotes mental clarity. As the mind-body connection is now seen and verified by the scientific community as a natural process within the body, our mental and physical well-being benefit from the harmony meditation offers. 

Not only on a physical level can this be so liberating, but the spiritual growth and connection that comes from meditation can be enlightening. 

By becoming less identified to the thoughts and feelings, we begin to connect more to the part of ourselves observing these changes within us. By following a Zen Buddhist meditation, brain waves can alter and as a result as does your state of consciousness.

Mystical experiences that have been documented, filmed, recorded and spoken about publicly include: 

 1. Out of body experiences.

2. A communion with your Soul enabling shifts in perceptions for your betterment.

3. Intentional energetic Healing.

4. A rest in the nervous system resulting in a sense of calm. 

If you're seeking a session to understand and experience your power, my intuitive services are available for Soul expansion. 



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