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Trusted Intuitive Reading Near You

intuitive reading near you

Intuitive Reading near you

Tapping into your inner self to receive personal guidance has become more crucial than ever in such a fast paced world. Whether you're in a challenging period of life, wrestling with decisions, or seeking a deeper soul connection, intuitive readings offer an insightful perspective.

In a time of only having a couple of days off here and there to attend appointments, it can feel overwhelming to schedule a spiritual healing near you! 

Now that you understand the basics of intuitive reading and the advantages of a distant session, let's delve into why investing in an intuitive reading with our experienced practitioners is a decision you won't regret.

Distant Spiritual Healing near you

That's why at Energetic Soul Growth, spiritual healings are conducted on a global scale, with no need to be present to benefit from one. As an Australian practitioner, I bring flexibility and accessibility of providing powerful spiritual healings to seekers across the globe.

What you will need for a spiritual healing near you

All you need is an email address and an hour to relax in the comfort of your own space to receive your session insights! With my accessible online sessions, I am here to assist you on your spiritual journey, providing the guidance you seek from the comfort of your own space. 

Intuitive Readings Available to You

Intuitive Insight Reading

This intuitive reading is a powerful way of receiving resonating information about your energetic space that could:

- Be stopping you from fulfilling your potential

- Show you what energies you transmit

- Allow highly personal information from your spiritual team to guide you. 


Intuitive Reading and Energetic Healing Service

Experience the transformative power of our Dynamic Service, a holistic approach of bringing a psychic reading and energy healing together. This powerful modality of healing and insight includes energy field clearing and enhancement along with intuitive insight with your life's journey. It's a collaborative journey where we work together to unlock the healing potential within you!


About Marie at Energetic Soul Growth

Hello, I'm Marie, the owner of Energetic Soul Growth! With a passion for spirituality and a natural ability to tap into the subtle energies, I regularly connect with energies beyond the physical realm for clients and myself.


I hold a Reiki Level 2 certification along with a completed Shamanic Apprenticeship, both based in Australia. Whilst my skills in sensing subtle energies have stemmed from a natural ability, these qualifications have heightened the psychic readings I offer to clients.

What I've Got Out of my Services

Understanding myself on a greater energetic level, has over time blurred the lines between the physical and the metaphysical worlds. The joy of witnessing transformative moments in the lives of those I've guided is the greatest reward of my work. Each reading unveiling energetic programming and stale beliefs, empowering those to make informed and magical decisions.
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