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Types of psychic abilities

types of psychic abilities

Explore types of psychic abilities

Welcome to the incredible and subtle world of different types of psychic abilities, where the extraordinary becomes a part of everyday life. If you've ever felt a connection or curiosity to the mysterious and wish to explore your own spiritual gifts, you're in the right place.

In this guide, we'll dive into the fascinating realm of the different types of psychic abilities within you. Get ready for the ultimate journey of self-discovery!

What psychic skills are, and are not

These skills are not separate from you. Instead, they effortlessly live within you. At its core, psychic ability is about perceiving and interpreting information beyond our usual five senses.

Everyone has psychic abilities

Absolutely everyone has psychic abilities. It is not reserved just for religious leaders or spiritual gurus. However, that does not mean that everyone in their current lifetimes will explore their own types of psychic abilities. 

There are so many ways and types of psychic abilities that can be explored, strengthened and sued in day to day life. 

You can strengthen a psychic gift, but you will naturally have 1 or 2 that stand out and feel effortless to you. It doesn't take a lot of time to feel how your body reacts to the energy of a room or see into unknown realms. But you may find it hard to hear clearly.

Types of psychic abilities

Clairvoyance - The ability to 'see'

Firstly, Clairvoyance is the ability to 'see clearly'. Whilst you may be able to perceive mental images, clear seeing is so much juicier than that!

Yes, you can explore hidden realms, but you can also 'see' into the habits, limitations and thoughts that block you from full potential.

If you experience vivid dreams, experience spontaneous flashes of images in your mind or are a visual learner, this could be your psychic ability. 

Clairaudience - The ability to 'hear'

Next, let's explore Clairaudience – 'clear hearing'. Clairaudience is a psychic ability that allows you to hear messages and guidance from the divine. This can look different to everyone;

- External sounds .

- Internal sounds.

Both are magical ways of tuning into the subtle whispers of the universe to receive direct guidance. 'Hearing' as a type of psychic ability can feel confusing to some as it may seem feel like a thought popping up to the surface. 

*tip* - the ability to hear feels very grounded in knowledgeable and wisdom, calm and will never tell you anything which results in panic. 

Claircognizance - The ability to 'know'

Now, let's discuss Claircognizance – 'clear knowing'. This looks like flashes of sudden insight which feels calm. It looks like the ability to 'know' how a situation can turn out, despite no logical ability to understand how that can be.

It usually feels neutral. This ability will never feel nervous, fearful or angry. But it will feel like a gentle yet fast message. These flashes of 'knowing' can be combined with mental images, sounds, taste and smell too. 

Clairgustance - The ability to 'taste'

This sense is the clear ability to taste. Anything can be tasted, not just your typical food and drink intake! Tasting is an ability that isn't as common, however, just like any skill, can be mastered. A skill that also includes the ability to feel texture and even individual ingredients. 

Clairalience - The ability to 'smell'

Whilst not the same, is somewhat similar to clairgustance which is the ability to smell. Again, this can be anything and not limited to objects, fragrances, foods and landscapes that you're used to.

It can at times feel like you're the only one in the room that can smell this very specific smell.

How to effortlessly recognize your psychic abilities

Firstly, the types of psychic abilities within you have not left you. They have been with you all of this time, you just need patience to remember how you perceive them.

Start with a consistent meditation practice! If you're seeking an effortless way of seeing the patterns of intuition and psychic abilities, consistency is key!

However, to perceive your gifts from an outside perspective, intuitive readings and energy healings are available for you. Let Marie reveal your powerful self.

It's time to illuminate your psychic gifts

One way psychic abilities are used for others are accurate intuitive readings

Marie at Energetic Soul Growth provides intuitive insights and guidance on all of the following aspects of life;

- Career and Income

- Love and relationships

- Major life transitions

- Messages from your Soul, ancestors and spiritual team.

Explore more about what happens in a magical and accurate intuitive reading

By getting a thorough intuitive reading on major aspects of your life, a more informative perspective on your lifetime can be understood.

So, why not take the next step and illuminate your spiritual gifts? Imagine clearing the fog of limitations that have held you back and exposing your true power. It's time to unleash your unlimited potential and step into a world of wealth, abundance, and fulfilment.

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