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What does Déjà Vu mean?

dejavu is a mysterious experience where the one experiencing deja vu experiences a moment they have already lived

Déjà Vu: A Spiritual Wink from the Universe?

You've probably felt the feeling of 'I've been here before', or 'I've experienced this moment before'.

It's called déjà vu, a French phrase meaning "already seen." But beyond the sense of mystery, could there be a deeper, spiritual meaning to déjà vu?

The Déjà Vu Phenomenon:

Déjà vu describes the eerie feeling of familiarity with a current situation, even though you 'know' it's new. It can become obvious whilst in a conversation, a place you swear you've been too, or just about anything. 

Ancient interpretations of Déjà vu

Throughout history, cultures have attributed profound meanings to déjà vu. In Ancient Greece, it was seen as a sign from the gods remiding people of past lives and glimpse into the future.

In Hinduism, it's believed to be an echo of previous karma, urging you to make new choices.

Native American traditions view it as a connection to your spirit guides, nudging you towards your soul's purpose.

All interpretations vary but a common thread is that déjà vu comes from a realm beyond the ordinary. It's a call to pay attention, to delve deeper into the experience and extract its hidden message.


So, what should you do when déjà vu washes over you?

- Embrace the Feeling: Instead of dismissing it as a glitch in the matrix, acknowledge the experience. If any memories, emotions or realizations come up, let them be seen. 


- Journal About It: Write down everything you can recall about the experience, including your emotional state, the specific details, and any associated thoughts or memories.


- Trust Your Intuition: Ultimately, the meaning of your déjà vu experience is unique to you. Your form of intuition may show itself in that moment or in another time frame for your spiritual growth. 


The next time you experience déjà vu, don't brush it off as a mere mental quirk. Instead, embrace it as a sign, a reminder that reality is more mysterious and interconnected than we often perceive!

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