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What is a Psychic Tarot Reading?

tarot reading with a tarot card. The High Priestess answering what is a psychic tarot reading?

Psychic Tarot Readings

The power of a Tarot Reading

Have you felt the yearning for deeper answers? A psychic tarot reading at Energetic Soul Growth can be your key to unlock key insights in your journey. This service is a blending of the timeless symbolism of tarot cards with my innate psychic intuition. This powerful reading can empower you to make choices and decisions that align you to your truest potential! 

But what is a psychic tarot reading?

This service merges the rich imagery of Tarot Cards with my intuition. Imagine a bridge between your conscious mind and the vastness of the universal energy field. The Tarot visualizes through numbers, imagery and archetypes what is hidden in your energy field, advice and guidance regarding your focus. As I tap into my psychic abilities, I interpret the cards not just through their standard meanings, but also through intuitive visions and feelings.

This creates a reading uniquely tailored to you, with the cards and messages based off your unique energy and life circumstances.

Why choose a psychic tarot reading with me?

- Experience: Years of strengthening my intuition has brought in a powerful connection to my intuitive gifts that I share in services such as Tarot.

- Compassionate Guidance: I approach each reading with genuine care, creating a safe and supportive space for you to explore your inner landscape.

- Empowering Insights: My readings empower you to understand the "why" behind your situation and equip you with actionable steps to move forward.

Tarot Cards in a Psychic Reading

How do the cards actually "work" in a psychic reading?

Each card carries a wealth of symbolism, representing universal energies, archetypal experiences, and emotional states. When shuffling the cards, you're essentially tapping into your own subconscious energy, asking for guidance. My role is to translate the language of the cards and intuitive hits to reflect to you.

Outcomes of a psychic tarot reading

- Empowerment: Discover your hidden strengths, release limiting beliefs, and make empowered choices aligned with your authentic self.

- Renewal: Experience a renewed sense of purpose, direction, and motivation to create the life you desire.

- Growth: Initiate personal growth by identifying unconscious patterns and taking steps towards self-awareness.

- Connection: Deepen your connection to your intuition, the universe, and your own inner wisdom.


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