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What is an intuitive reading?

accurate intuitive reading

What is an intuitive reading?

Intuitive readings are different for each and every individual. Their purpose is to give you information that is highly personal to you and your journey in life. Some intuitive readings include tools like oracle cards, tarot, pendulums and other forms of divination. Other non-physical ways of reading your energy includes individuals using their psychic abilities. These skills will differ across intuitive readers too, such as how attuned and familiar they are to their gifts.

These services should not be vague in nature. Instead, it's a chance for you to see a situation, a challenge or a dream for what it really is. Without your perception of old beliefs, feelings and thoughts you have the space to see it for what it really is. 

Marie at Energetic Soul Growth offers intuitive services to release blocked energy, explore challenges and dreams. By doing so, the aim is to propel you towards your highest potential.

What intuitive readings are not

Anyone can say a vague statement and most people could agree to a degree. This is not an intuitive reading. What you should expect from a professional practitioner, is highly personal and accurate data, especially for your current life circumstances. 

Cold readings

These services ask you questions in the form of statements through online methods such as Zoom and face to face. For example if you see someone and they ask 'you're going through a change at this moment?'. Depending on your response to that question, depends on how the rest of the session goes and so on.

This occurs when an individual is 'fishing' for an emotional response, body language or facial expression in response to a question.

This is why at Energetic Soul Growth, we do things VERY differently

The entirety of your intuitive service is emailed to you without any face to face component. Included in your service covers the following major life aspects:

- Love and relationships

- Income and career

- Major life transitions and changes

- Messages from your spiritual team.

How do intuitive readings work?

These services work by accessing and relaying information from your energy field. Imagine a bubble of energy all around your physical body which stores your emotions, fears, aspirations and memories. This is where intuitive readers go to. 

This act of accessing your energy requires your permission (the form of payment or by simply allowing someone). 

Whilst you can access someone else's energy as this usually happens throughout the day unintentionally, never do so intentionally without permission. It is unethical and at times dangerous to merge with other peoples energetic self without knowledge as traumas can become open to others. 

During an intuitive reading

Intuitive readings reveal a hidden from sight world of energy. Emotions, mental processes, energetic blocks and desires reside here. During an intuitive reading these energies are observed by Marie and reported back to you. To understand a challenge faced can at times be immensely helped by seeing alternative points of view on the matter.

During an energy healing

Energy healings on the other hand include a process of clearing old energies and igniting high vibrations within your energetic field. During this process, you are ideally meditating or sleeping. It isn't uncommon to feel energy moving, emotions surfacing and memory recollection. The transformative outcome depends on the intentions set by both the client and the intuitive reader.

Spiritual readings available:

Psychic Readings and Intuitive Readings

Most spiritual readings offer illuminating insights into your current energetic self (emotions, thoughts, challenges etc.) within this lifetime.

Psychic readings and intuitive readings are different names for a similar/the same service. Psychics include their natural spiritual gifts which intuitive readings would include their own.

Whatever terminology used for spiritual readings, the aim is to be in communication with the truest aspect of the Soul to illuminate your highest potential.


Any form of spiritual reading should not be a reliant service, but an empowering one. With highly precise data, you should feel inspired towards what you already know. This means that an intuitive service serves you to recognize your own spiritual power.  

What happens after an intuitive reading?

This is a deeply reflective time to see your energy for what it is. Without your self-identified labels and ideas of who you are. 

When another individual see's you for the powerful being you are, you can begin to take action on dissolving self-limiting identities. 

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