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When not to read Tarot Cards

a deck of tarot cards waiting to be read. This blog is about when not to read Tarot Cards

Tarot Time Out: When to Put the Deck Down

Tarot cards are fascinating and sometimes quite confusing. Whether you're a Tarot Reader yourself, or someone wishing to read for others/self, here's what you should know.

Whilst they're fantastic tools, there are times not to use them. 

Tarot Cards act as a mirror to your subconscious mind. Whether you wish to read yourself or seek someone to read for you, avoid this experience if you're feeling:

- Vulnerable.

- Emotions are everywhere.

- Desperately seeking an answer outside of yourself.

At times your Tarot or Oracle deck can give you responses to your question in a more subtle way. 

The perfect time for a Tarot Reading

Imagine intuitively interpreting Tarot when you're:

- Clear headed, calm and open to receive information.

You can easily interpret your unique intuition with the symbols, imagery and numbers. 

But when you're in a period of:

- Agitation, desperation and fear, you will not receive the same tarot card message in the same way if you had given yourself time to reset. 

    Tarot Cards are not evil

    Tarot isn't a yes/no machine. Unless you purchase an Oracle card deck with a 'yes' and 'no' card. 

    Tarot offers insights, but it will not dictate decisions for you. 

    If you're facing a big life choice, use it for deeper exploration - understand your motivations, see potential consequences, and connect with your feelings about each option. Then, use your intuition, logic, and good old-fashioned research to make the final call.

    Remember, tarot is a powerful tool, but its magic lies in the person holding the Tarot. Your emotional state has a huge impact in any area of life and that includes Tarot. Choose wisely, and your Tarot journey will be truly illuminating.

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