Qualifications for Intuitive Services

Intuitive and Energetic based Qualifications

Do not get me wrong, possessing intuitive abilities in any capacity does not require a certificate or qualification. It's an innate gift.

But, for your confidence and trust in an industry where anyone can claim to be a psychic, my professional growth at Energetic Soul Growth has always been a top priority. 

Reiki level ll and Shamanic Practitioner 

In 2020 I dipped my toe in energetic healing where I first felt and experienced evidence on my energetic abilities. I realized my spiritual gifts came from a space of tuning into the emotions of others as if I was experiencing them.

Reiki level 2 certification in Australia.

Shaman Apprenticeship (at present an Apprentice) obtained in Australia.

If you're seeking a genuine transformation, my intuitive readings are available.