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Energetic Soul Growth

Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Reading

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Would you like you reading to have a focus?

Intuitive Readings


An intuitive reading into your soul and energy field.

Marie at Energetic Soul Growth is an experienced intuitive reader and energy healer. By connecting with your energy distantly, you can:

- Reveal your hidden beliefs blocking you from your potential

- Understand the energy you radiate to others

- Receive spiritual support

- Discover your potential!

An intuitive reading can be a powerful tool for personal and spiritual growth by gaining a different perspective on your life!

What you can expect in your intuitive reading:

  • A thorough and detailed email of your reading outlining detail into income, love, major life changes and spiritual messages from your spirit guides.
  • A practitioner devoted to you getting the most out of the service.
  • Confidentiality. By purchasing any services, rest assured that everything gathered within the reading is for your eyes only. 
  • A clearer understanding of your goals and aspirations.

You have so much potential

Often when seeking clarity, it's usually because you feel stuck or know that you have a potential that isn't being accessed at this moment. Oftentimes, it's self limiting beliefs creating narratives around how, what, when and where you live your reality.

1:1 Intuitive Readings can be very helpful in showing you what energies are being internalized and externalized into the cosmos. 

This is a distant intuitive reading

Your geographic location should not block you from a resonating and healing service. At Energetic Soul Growth, all services are performed remotely!

A common question to this if a distant psychic reading is still as good as a face to face one.

Short answer, absolutely. And in my experience, it's much better than face to face. By connecting to your energy without any bias, you will receive the most PURE energetic reading of your Soul. 

    Terms and conditions.

    This is a distant and remote service.

    No face to face appointments at this stage.

    Your reading will be sent via email no later than 10 days post payment.

    Please ensure your email is correct at time of payment. Email in case it was typed incorrectly!

    Once payment has gone through, no refunds can be allocated.

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