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Energetic Soul Growth

Shadow work journal PDF

Shadow work journal PDF

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Shadow work journal pdf download. 

This creation of the shadow work journal pdf download is to benefit your personal development. As you discover the subconscious layers, the parts of you that are not serving you can be released with consistency and patience.

How you receive this PDF:

It's super easy! After confirmation of payment, an email will be sent within seconds with the file for you to download. And that's it!

What you'll get in the shadow work journal pdf file;

Firstly, this shadow work journal pdf download includes elements of your life that subconsciously are holding you back. Then, with introspective prompts, this download will invite you to dive deep into the parts of yourself that wish to remain hidden.

  1. Over 100 guided prompts.
  2. A guided exercise to intend on the gentle release of your subconscious programming.
  3. Writing space for notes and journaling.

Firstly, your digital download can be a source of profound change. Treating it as such is important as you confront limiting beliefs, yet embracing the potential for healing and growth.

Find out more about the use of shadow work with this blog!

This is the property of the Energetic Soul Growth. Personal use only. No duplication, distribution, alteration with intent to resell is allowed under any circumstances. 

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